Schedules & Game Results

2023 Fall Schedule

11919-0 Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Date Games on Field 1 Results  Games on Field 3  Results
Aug. 21 Bengals vs. Bears Navy 0-18 Bears Navy Bears Orange vs. Cowboys 12-19 Cowboys
Aug. 28

Bears Navy vs. Cowboys

12-18 Cowboys Bears Orange vs. Bengals 25-7 Bears
Sept. 11 Bears Navy vs. Bears Orange 12-6 Bears Navy Bengals vs. Cowboys 0-13 Cowboys
Sept. 18

Bengals vs. Bears Navy

0-18 Bears Navy Cowboys vs. Bears Orange 14-12 Bears Orange
Sept. 25

Bears Navy vs. Cowboys

Bengals vs. Bears Orange
Oct. 2 Consolation Game  Championship Game


3rd – 5th Grade

Date Games on Field 2 Results  Games on Field 4  Results
Aug. 21 Bears Orange vs. Steelers 19-0 Bears Lions vs. Saints 0-6 Saints
Aug. 28

Lions vs. Steelers

0-20 Steelers Bears Orange vs. Saints 26-0 Bears
Sept. 11 Lions vs. Bears Orange

0-34 Bears Orange

Steelers vs. Saints 20-0 Steelers
Sept. 18

Steelers vs. Bears Orange

6-21 Bears Orange Lions vs. Saints 6-0 Lions
Sept. 25

Steelers vs. Lions

Bears Orange vs. Saints
Oct. 2 Championship Game Consolation Game


**Games times are subject to change

*Ties for playoff seeding will be decided by coin flip

*Fields run East and West, Field 1 is the farthest North and Field 4 is the farthest South